Anna Lange

1969, Schaijk (NL)

Works and lives in s'- Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Represented by BruthausGallery, Waregem (B)



Anna Lange (1969) studied at the Royal Academy for Art & Design in 's-Hertogenbosch and the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. Exploring new horizons is a key factor in all the self-initiated projects of this artist. Reality in its un-utopian and commercial appearance is her starting point for adventure, questioning and fantasy. She infiltrated into the Dutch Army during the Bosnian War; was the first and only Poetical Adviser at the Ministry of Culture in The Hague; she delivered her Masterpiece in an extensive 'topophony' in film, photography and neon while corresponding in essays with Master Anselm Kiefer; as the executor of the last will of  an old peasant couple, she started the project Sideway Scenery and worked a.o. on two experimental films: Locus Pocus (2011) and the trailer of White Mare, which will be released in 2018.

Artist's Publications:

Je Maintiendray, SDU Uitgevers 1998.

Xenia, a Topophony, Veerhuis Publishers 2008.



2019 - Im Licht der Nacht – Vom Leben im Halbdunkel

             26.10.19—09.02.20, Museum Marta Herford,(Germany) .

2019 - Benefietveiling EMERGENT, Veurne, november.

2019 - Camouflaged Pearls #2, Bruthaus Gallery, Waregem, november.

2019 - Jurylid voor de Carat Lucas Gassel Prijs, De Cacaofabriek, Helmond (NL),oktober.

2019 - De Heks van Dongen/ Dongen Revisited, Stedelijk Museum Breda (NL), 12 oktober t/m 26 januari 2020.

2019 - Landkunst Oude Buisse Heide, Achtmaal (NL), 15 september t/m 27 oktober.


2019 - Camouflaged Pearls #2, Bruthausgallery, Waregem, (B)

2019 - 5 & 20 , DE nederlandsche CACAOFABRIEK 1993-2013, Helmond, NL

2019 - Vincent inspireert - Aanwinsten, Vincent van GoghHuis ,Zundert, NL

2019 - Monumental shift, Zerp galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2018 - Sideway Scenery: N638, Van Gogh Huis Zundert (solo), NL

2018 - Bruthaus Artfilm Festival at CC De Schakel, Waregem, BE

2018 - Van Gogh Artist-in-residence,Vincent van Goghhuis Zundert.

2018 - Coordinated Coordinates, Galerie Helder,  Den Haag, NL

2018 - DFFRNCE, Bruthausgallery,Waregem (Belgium)

2018 - Koorts/Fever Galerie Emergent, Veurne, Belgium

2017 - Salon d'Hiver, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam

2017 - De Dag van de korte Film, Deventher

2017 - Museum Ijsselstein "Zicht op Licht in de kunst van nu," Ijselstein

2017 - FIXED WORKS Bruthaus Gallery , Waregem, (Belgium)

2017 - RE-FORMED, Osnabrück,Germany.

2017 - 10 Jaar Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke (Belgium).

2017 - Camouflaged Pearls - BruthausGallery (Belgium).

2017 - Sideway Scenery,Zerp Galerie (Solo),Rotterdam.

2016 - Investigations into the Uncanny,Willem2Fabriek ,s'-Hertogenbosch, in collaboration with S.M.A.K Gent.

2016 - Eigentijds licht in de kunst,Museum Ijselstein.

2016 - SIDEWAY SCENERY,DUSK OR DAWN,BruthausGallery (Solo), Waregem,(Belgium).

2016 - 36ste editie Kunsten festival Watou, (Belgium)

2016 - Salon du Printemps, Zerp, Rotterdam.

2016 - TUMULTINGENT / TIG4,Gent,(Belgium).

2016 - Universal Baby,Zerp Galerie,Rotterdam.

2016 - Art Rotterdam,Zerp Galerie,Rotterdam.

2015 - Hallucinaties, Lichtkunst Gouda

2015 - SIDEWAY SCENERY, NEXT STOP, Hilvaria Studio's (Solo), Hilvarenbeek.

2015 - Shoes Or No Shoes Museum, Oudenaarde (Belgium).

2015 - Jan Hoet-eine Hommage,MARTa Herford Museum  (Germany).

2015 - 46e POETRY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, Language & ART Gallery Tour 2015, Kunsthal, Rotterdam.

2015 - PASS,Huise, Mullem, Wannegem en Lede (Belgium).

2015 - SEEING=BELIEVING,Galerie ZERP, Rotterdam.

2014 - # 3 layers: the string,Worm, Rotterdam.

2014 - Salon Zerp, Galerie ZERP,Rotterdam .

2014 - De Korte Film Poule, EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam.

2014 - Schelstraete/Delacourt, Gent (Belgium).

2014 - Salon Zerp,Zic Zerp, Rotterdam.


2013 - Try Art, Ram Foundation, Rotterdam.

2013 - MARTa Herford Museum, installs neon (Germany).


2013 - Salon Zerp, Galerie ZERP, Rotterdam

2013 - mEATing,Kill your Darlings,Tilburg.

2013 - Incubate,Tilburg.

2013 - Middlegate,Geel (Belgium), curated by Jan Hoet.

2013 - Finishes script White Mare .

2013 - Societieseit Amicitia/De Zwarte Arend 's-Hertogenbosch.

2013 - PAFID,Patagonia  (Argentina).

2013 - Art at the Warehouse, Rotterdam.

2013 - Starts new photo-series.

2012 - Club A project,Loods 6, Amsterdam.

2012 - Sint-Jan, Sint - Baafskathedraal, Gent (Belgium), curated by Jan Hoet and Hans Martens .

2012 - 34th International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand (France).


2012 - paviljoen rotterdam #1.

2012 - Mirta Demare Gallery, HORIZON HORIZONS, Rotterdam (solo).

2011 - Travels through North-India and Nepal.

2011 - November Music,´s-Hertogenbosch.

2011 - Signes de Nuit, Paris (France).

2011 - Contribution to bookpresentation: Soms als Tijden wat Blijven, Boxtel.

2011 - Première LOCUS POCUS at Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht.

2011 - Spazio Tempo Arte, Napels (Italy).

2011 - Starts writing on the script White Mare.

2011 - COLOSSAL Kunst Fact Fiction (Germany).

2010 - ISMISTIC INSTITUTES ... Pieter Engels-The RRRolls-Royce Among Artists at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss.

2010 - Videoex 2010,Zurich (Switserland).

2010 - Starts shooting LOCUS POCUS - In Memoriam Haps.

2010 - UNSTABLE MATTERS,Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

2010 - *Instant Cinema* Time-based Art Forum Filmmuseum, Amsterdam /Internet(spring).

2010 - Becomes Executioner of the Last Will...

2010 - Film Biennale / film3 (kyu-bik film). Filmmuseum/Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.

2010 - Change of the Century,Museum Kunstlicht in de Kunst, Eindhoven in collaboration with S.M.A.K.

2010 - Starts shooting AWAY FROM THE FLOCK.

2010 - deWILLEM3,Vlissingen.

2010 - COLOSSAL kunst Fact Fiction (Germany).

2009 - Change of the Century,Museum Kunstlicht in de Kunst, Eindhoven in collaboration with S.M.A.K Gent (Belgium).                    2009 - Cirque du Clochard, s´-Hertogenbosch.

2009 - Visits New York, meets Lou Reed.

2009 - 25 FPS International Film/Video festival, Zagreb/Croatia.

2009 - DUTCH URBAN CULTURE,Vinzavod, Moscow (Russia).

2009 - Mediawave 2009 (Hungary).

2009 - Stedelijk Museum Aalst (Belgium), Galerie Petra Northeide-Eycke Nettetal (Germany), Willem 3 Vlissingen.

2009 - Stormlicht, Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo.

2009 - COLOSSAL Kunst Fact Fiction,2009- Dec.2011 (Germany), curated  by Jan Hoet.

2009 - Dutch Cultural Festival, Budapest (Hungary).

2009 - Signes de Nuit, Paris (France).

2009 - Impakt touring program: Filmhuis, Den Haag.

2009 - Publieke Werken:De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond.

2009 - SHIFT Festival/Neighbours,Toronto (Canada).

2009 - FILMLAB/ Ruimtevaart,  Den Haag.

2009 - Bookpresentation XENIA, S.M.A.K. Gent (Belgium)

2008 - Further extension of the topophony in lightsculptures throughout Europe.

2008 - Expositie Signaal,Centrum kunstlicht in de kunst, Eindhoven.

2008 - SHORT & SWEET, Kortfilm Brabant.

2008 - De Dag van de Religieuze Film, Kinepolis Hasselt (Belgium),curated by Sylvain de Bleeckere.

2008 - Museum De Pont, Tilburg.

2008 - Int´l fest of cinema & technology, Los Angeles (USA).

2008 - (CSIF)$100 Film Festival, Calgary (Canada).

2008 - Ad Absurdum,Museum Martha Herford (Germany),curated by Jan Hoet.

2008 - Visual/ Audible Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

2008 - Vondelkerk,Amsterdam, Lux, Nijmegen.

2008 - Filmhuis Movie, Wageningen, WORM, Rotterdam.

2008 -´t Hoogt,Utrecht,Filmhuis, Den Haag.

2008 - Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo Bookpresentation XENIA.

2008 - Canvascollectie: Paleis voor schone kunsten/Bozar, Brussel (Belgium).

2008 - FRAGILE, Summerproject Hoet Bekaert Gallery,Gent (Belgium)

2008 - Museum of contemporary art, MOCA,Washington DC (USA).

2008 - Split Film Festival (Croatia).

2008 - ATA film and video, San Francisco (USA).

2008 - Beelden aan het water, Goes.


2008 - Filmfestival tour : Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto (Canada).

2008 - schatten van brabant, FF Forum, Eindhoven

2008 - The international experimental cinema exposition, Paonia, Colorado (USA).

2008 - Tweede Bildts Kortfilmfestival, Friesland.

2008 - Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo.

2008 - SHIFT Festival/Neighbours, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam.

2007 - Works on the finishing touch of her book XENIA.

2007 - PETAZZIE, Effenaar, Eindhoven.

2007 - November Music  s´-Hertogenbosch (NL), Gent (Belgium).

2007 - SHORT & SWEET. Kortfilm Brabant.

2007 - Museum SCRYPTION ,Tilburg.

2007 - Expositie Signaal,Museum Kunstlicht in de kunst Eindhoven.

2007 - National Museum of women in the arts,Washington D.C.(USA).

2007 - DUTCH PUNCH 3, St.Petersburg / Moscow/ kalingrad/ Pskov (Russia).

2007 - Theaterfestival Boulevard, s´-Hertogenbosch.

2007 - NL Filmfonds, Celluloid/Digitaal 6,Cinema de Balie Amsterdam.

2007 - GDMW(GEEN DADEN MAAR WOORDEN !Festival), De Verkadefabriek,´s-Hertogenbosch.

2007 - Film in Brabant Kort, Chasse Cinema Breda, Electron Breda, Plaza Futura Eindhoven,  TAC Eindhoven,

            Verkadefabriek´s-Hertogenbosch, Filmtheater Fanfare, Oudenbosch, Filmfoyer Tilburg.

            Festival 'Cinema at home´, Velp, Arnhem.

2007 - Tutor at Studium Generale: De Woorden en de Beelden, artacademy St.Joost, Breda/ s'-Hertogenbosch.

2007 - Mad Cat Highlights Filmtour  throughout the United States and Canada.

2007 - GHB (Groot Hertogdom Brabant), shows part of Xenia the topophony, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

2007 - SMS ‘s-Hertogenbosch (solo): shows core of Xenia, a topohony, curated by Bart Rutten.

2007 - International Filmfestival Rotterdam.

2007 - Starting from Scratch Cinema De Balie, Amsterdam. Akbank Short Film Festival, Istanbul (Turkey).

2006 - Invitation for the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA /Paradocs), November.

2006 - Definite composition of the photoseries Je t´aime and Salve.

2006 - Festival Film in Brabant :Chasse Cinema  Breda, Verkadefabriek´s-Hertogenbosch, Plaza Futura

            Eindhoven en Filmfoyer Eindhoven.

2006 - Impakt Festival, Centraal Museum , Utrecht.

2006 - Synch Festival, Athens (Greece).

2006 - Neon installed at the Melkfabriek, gift of Woningbouwcooperatie Zayaz to the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

2006 - Short Film in the Palace, Blachik (Bulgary).

2006 - Starts shooting Zwarte Manen/ Moons Dark.

2006 - Invitation for the 10th Mad Cat Festival, San Francisco,  Berkeley and Oakland (USA).

2006 - Filmevening Kunstcamping.

2006 - Takes part in the twelfth Filmbanktour Buitenleven:Plaza Futura  Eindhoven, ‘t Hoogt Utrecht, Focus Filmtheate

            Arnhem and  Cinema De Balie Amsterdam.

2005 - Neon installed at the headoffice of National television II Hilversum.

2005 - June 1: First screening of Xenia a Triptych, an installation with music by Louis Andriessen and and film by Anna

             Lange at the opening of the Holland Festival (Concert Gebouw), Amsterdam and later the same month at the

             opening  of the new  Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam.

2005 - Screening Corpus Christi at the Museum for Religious Art, Uden.

2005 - Screening  De Aardappeleters/ Space Potatoes  next to Van Gogh paintings in the Noorbrabants Museum.

2005 - Invitation Cacaofabriek Helmond: Alles van waarde moet weg.

2004 - Starts shooting Corpus Christi.

2004 - Group exhibition at the SMS ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

2004 - A two days session with Rudi Fuchs and Jan Hoet between the scaffolds of the new Museum Marta Herford, (Germany).

2004 - Designs neon for the Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek,  Helmond.

2004 - Group exhibition Five Years SMAK Gent (Belgium).

2004 - Group exhibition at the Noordbrabants Museum.

2003 - The Kakelatuur, a sculpture in neon is installed at Commissariaat voor de Media in the new building by architect .

            Koen van Velzen, Hilversum.

2003 - Try out first cut Xenia for television professionals in the Singermuseum Laren.

2003 - Starts shooting De Aardappeleters/ Space Potatoes.

2003 - Stops shooting Koning de Kooning, because the physical and mental  condition of the main character makes

            futher filming  impossible.

2003 - Groupexhibition Spazio Consolo, Milano (Italy).

2003 - Groupexhibition Galerie Boven, Amsterdam.

2002 - Starts shooting Koning, de Kooning.

2002 - Receives invitation to take part in the international project Dutch Souvenirs at the European Ceramics

           Workcentre. Writes the essay On the Souvenir and creates a collection of Precious Potatoes.

2002 - Starts a script for a short movie: Lonely in Landerd.

2001 - Groupexhibition at the Kesselhaus  Mannheim (Germany).

2001 - The correspondence with ‘Master’ Kiefer becomes an Ars Poetica.

2001 - Starts shooting Xenia.The medium neon gets involved in the project. Many sketches. Two screenbooks are written:

            De Aardappeleters /Space Potatoes  and Koning, de Kooning.

2000 - Meets Anselm Kiefer and gets the ‘mission’ to express in images and words a personal philosophy.

            Designs maps. Marks together with composer Louis Andriessen the routes for Xenia, a topohony. Inspired by

            these Chartae Xeniae first drafts for a filmtriptych (about the magical, mythical and mystical way of seeing one’s own

            landscape) are made.

1999 - September: makes a journey through Finnish Lapland and visits in Inari the artist-hermit Haro Kaumela,

1999 - (Finland, Lapland).

1999 - Meets Jannis Kounellis in Vienna (Austria).

1999 - Meets Georg Baselitz in Amsterdam.

1999 - Recovers from a severe operation. Starts in bed a new project ‘Masterpiece’ with two Dokumenta curators

            Rudi Fuchs and Jan Hoet – as ‘seconds’, with whom letters and conversations are exchanged.

1998 - Stays as an act of purification seven days and seven nights at the Sinai Desert (Egypt).

1998 - June: Participates with seven huge portraits (silkscreen ink on canvas) The Unknown Soldier/Warhola's at the

            exhibition and forum of The Reproducability of Time at the Graphic Studio Den Bosch.

1998 - Mai 1: the first copy of Je Maintiendray, published by SDU, is handed over to the Minister of Culture in the

            Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The book contains a phantastic overview from both the Artemists Regiment and

            the Poetical Advisership.

1998 - Fourth Advice: Concept for a Topohony with composer Louis Andriessen and songwriter Lou Reed/David Bowie,

            a project for  the XXI century...

1997 - Contributes to Type Face Café in the Melkfabriek Den Bosch with an experiment in the Newspaper.

1997 - Third Advice September:Academia Utopia, a didactic poem dedicated to the Art Education Board of the Netherlands.

1997 - Second Advice:Cadavre exquis d’Europe, a sculpture of neon, made from the handwritings of the European

            Ministers of Culture, in de eregalerij van het Rijksmuseum during the Euro-summit in june Amsterdam. This

            sculpture is also exhibited at the Centre de Conférences  Kirchberg, Luxembourg during the exchange of the  European

            Chairmanship between the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The European Ministers of Culture all receive the Ismistic

            Manifesto in their own language, (Luxembourg).

1997 - First Advice January, broadcasted on the national radio (Newsreader: Donald de Markas): The Tables of Urgent .

            Invisibilities in Braille and fur.

1996 - Appointed as Poetical Adviser of the Minister of Culture Aad Nuis (In the first purple Goverment).

1996 - Nomination NPS Cultureprize. Refuses further participation on nearer acquaintance.

1996 - Performance at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, (Belgium).

1996 - Lecture at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Receives her Master Degree, cum laude, for the Artemists Regiment.

1996 - Further realisation of images concerning the Artemists Regiment

1995 - Introduction of the Artemists Regiment in the Dutch Army. November Censure and discharge.

1994 - October.-Challences David Bade to a debate in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with the device: Nihilism

            without ism, discipline without skill, vocation without a message.

1994 - Infiltrates the Dutch Army and signs an official contract, March.

1994 - Writes the Ismist Manifesto

1993 - Learns carpentry from Franciscan Brother Jan at Neerlangel.

1993 - Preparation for a project in Plasy, Czechia. Because Russian collegues don’t get their visa the participation in

            Hermit Festival is cancelled. An open letter of protest is addressed to the Czech Ministery of Culture in Prague (Czechia).

1993 - Contribution to the Moscow underground artmagazine Stipobat,(Russia).

1992 - Travels deep into Mongolia and stays with nomads.

1992 - Performances with The Moscow Theather and 12 Europian artists in theatres in Moscow, Kirow, Jekaterinenburg, .

            Nowosibirsk, Irkutsk and Ulan Bator (Russia, Mongolia).

1992 - Participates in the movie Lenin’s Taxi.(Russia).

1992 - Il faut cultiver son jardin, investigates Voltaire’s call at the farm of philosopher-antropologist Ton Lemaire,

            Saint-Astier (France).

1991 - Makes an anonymous reportage in the Potesi silvermine (Bolivia).

1990 - Decides to finish her studies a half year before the official  term of examination with Workart.

            Recieves her  Bachelor degree, cum laude.

1990 - Workart, project at the St. Jan’s Lyceum with workers of Cleaning Service RJD, during 1 year.

1990 - XII +I, contribution to an alternative students catalogue with moth-balls.

1989 - Open Domein, collective project in the Melkfabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, installation with sound, scent and light.

1989 - Visits New York, meets composer John Cage.

1988 - Actual Fossiles, a series of touches in metal.

1988 - Stays at Shakespeare & Company, Paris (France).

1987 - Action in West Berlin, paints holes in the Wall as an answer to the black squares of Malevich, (Germany).

1987 - Münchener Geister (Wo denn ist der Ludwig geblieben?) Journey with tales through Bavaria, for the staff of the

            Congena Firm, together with Willem de Ridder, (Germany).

1986 - Strike Art, performance with air and mail.

1985 - Visits the Soviet Union, (USSR).

1985 - Heraclite,installation with light, sound and scent.

1982 - The Wounded Soldier, performance: duration 2 years.

1972 - Epiphany as a child: dresses up as a girl.





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