According to the Bruthaus philosophy, contemporary art must possess contemporary relevance, references to socio-societal themes and preferably fulfill a broader role..

Bruthaus Gallery organizes around five exhibition events a year, most of which are solo exhibitions. These exhibitions are a moment for art collectors, curators, highly interested parties and artists to meet. At these Meeting-Points the exhibition is dissected from three perspectives: its art historical positioning (by an art critic), the gallerist vision and by the artist.

In addition to our gallery activities, each year we offer an artist the opportunity to create a grand contextual installation in the former Claessens Canvas factory buildings located next to the Gallery.

From September 2016, the gallery expanded to provide an additional exhibition space covering more than 300 square meters. From then on Bruthaus changed its name in ‘Bruthausgallery’, and increased the activities into a double program and more possibilities for group shows and bigger works. At the same time there are now more possibilities to show works in permanence.

Joris Van der Borght and Nancy De Vos founded Bruthaus in September 2012 as a mixed house for artistic and functional artistic experiments.

From September 2016 they founded Bruthausgallery as a real gallery for emerging art.

Joris Van der Borght was also President of Croxhapox vzw experimental Arts center in Ghent-Belgium from 2012 - 2016.

From January 2019 we welcome a fellow curator Marina Coelho - permanent ShowCase (vitrine in front) and performances on openings


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NewSpace & FrontSpace :                            Joris Van der Borght

ShowCase & Performances on Openings:    Marina Coelho


Communication:                                           Joris Van der Borght & Nancy De Vos

Business and administration manager:        Nancy De Vos -



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Saturday and sunday from 2.00 to 6.00 pm and by appointment


Molenstraat 84 - 8790 Waregem - Belgium

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